Flask D-DAY Limited Edition
£ 52.00
'Code name: Overlord'

For 75 years of the D-Day, Squadron 303 Vodka launches the D-DAY Calvados Cask Finish limited edition. This is the very first refined vodka in Calvados casks, in collaboration with the Coquerel Distillery. Refining operates for 6 months in 300-liter oak barrels that have contained Calvados from 2 to 5 years. This unusual encounter between the English potato and the Norman apple brings a touch of freshness to the traditional vodka and has a long sweet finish reminding the gourmet flavors of roasted apples...


70 cl lacquered glass Flask, invasion strips and engraved metal base. Delivered with the newspaper '303 Express'.

Flying Flask 10 cl
£ 14.00
‘A sweet, totally pure vodka that will delight true lovers’
Le Parisien

Squadron vodka 303 is a single-distilled King Edward’s potato vodka produced in North London. Respecting its historical origins, Squadron 303 vodka is distilled once in small copper stills and is unfiltered. Perfectly balanced, Squadron 303 vodka has a very smooth attack, a powerful kick in the mouth, followed by a long finish with aromas of almond and brioche.


Flying Flask 10 cl in glass with metal base inspired by hip flasks of the RAF pilots. Comes with a customizable 'pilot' envelope.

Original Flask 70 cl
£ 43.00
'The undisputed winner of the category'
Jury International Wines & Spirits Competition London 2018

Squadron 303 vodka, made from King Edward potatoes, is distilled only once. Its particularly long distillation process makes it possible to obtain an exceptional degree of purity, while maintaining a naturally sweet nose and aromas. Unfiltered, it recalls its original universe: raw with taste, far from the usual standards of vodka. Surprisingly sweet, Squadron 303 vodka has distinguished itself in many international spirits competitions.

70 cl glass bottle in the shape of a flask, silk-screened metal base and chromed brass stopper. Delivered with the newspaper '303 Express'.

Squadron Leader Box Squadron 303 Vodka
£ 57.00
'A splendid gift that we will take pleasure in drinking.'  

Squadron 303 Vodka is an ultra-premium English vodka made from King Edward's potatoes, distilled once in small copper stills, and unfiltered. These unique characteristics give it an exceptional roundness, allowing the aromas of almond and brioche bread to express all their intensity, in a refined and complex mixture.


The Squadron Leader wooden box contains a 70 cl Original Flask bottle and 2 silk-screened shooters with a metal base.

Auxiliary Tank 70 cl
£ 30.00
'A surprising sweetness that contrasts sharply with the other ultra premium vodka brands.' 

The Auxiliary Tank contains 70 cl. Squadron vodka 303. Respecting the uses of the time, Squadron 303 vodka is a handcrafted vodka made from King Edward potatoes, distilled once in small copper stills. These are the constraints that give Squadron 303 vodka its unique taste and its specific aroma. 

Auxiliary Tank 70 cl bottle to reload the Flask Original or the Flying Flask 10 cl. Delivered with a funnel.

Flying Flask Kit
£ 45.00
'A beautiful taste experience.' 

Thanks to a very slow distillation, the 100% natural Squadron 303 vodka is surprisingly smooth. With a very sweet attack, followed by a powerful kick and a long tasty finish, it stands out very clearly from other ultra premium vodkas and has won many international awards.

The Flying Flask Kit contains a 70 cl Auxiliary Tank bottle, an (empty) 10 cl Flying Flask and a funnel.