Flying Flask 10 cl

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‘A sweet, totally pure vodka that will delight true lovers’
Le Parisien

Squadron vodka 303 is a single-distilled King Edward’s potato vodka produced in North London. Respecting its historical origins, Squadron 303 vodka is distilled once in small copper stills and is unfiltered. Perfectly balanced, Squadron 303 vodka has a very smooth attack, a powerful kick in the mouth, followed by a long finish with aromas of almond and brioche.


Flying Flask 10 cl in glass with metal base inspired by hip flasks of the RAF pilots. Comes with a customizable 'pilot' envelope.

£ 14.00


1943, Walerian Zak is named squadron leader of the squadron 303. His comrades offer him a flask engraved with his name to celebrate the event.
2016, this same flask resurfaced in a auction house in London. The acquisition of this flask marks the starting point of the adventure Squadron 303 vodka.
2018, 75 years later, the brand released a reissue of this flask in 10 cl format, called Flying Flask. Essential accessory of the perfect gentleman, the Flying Flask contains 10 cl of the famous Squadron 303 vodka.

It is accompanied by a customizable gift envelope depending on the level of the pilot for which it is intended, 'Rookie', 'Confirmed' or 'Ace'...

Always enjoy Squadron 303 Vodka with moderation - Sale prohibited to minors.