Original Flask 70 cl

(Code: OF-UK)
'The undisputed winner of the category'
Jury International Wines & Spirits Competition London 2018

Squadron 303 vodka, made from King Edward potatoes, is distilled only once. Its particularly long distillation process makes it possible to obtain an exceptional degree of purity, while maintaining a naturally sweet nose and aromas. Unfiltered, it recalls its original universe: raw with taste, far from the usual standards of vodka. Surprisingly sweet, Squadron 303 vodka has distinguished itself in many international spirits competitions.

70 cl glass bottle in the shape of a flask, silk-screened metal base and chromed brass stopper. Delivered with the newspaper '303 Express'.

£ 43.00


True totem of the Squadron 303 Vodka brand, the Original Flask Squadron 303 Vodka 70 cl is inspired by the hip flasks of Royal Air Force pilots during the Second World War. Fruit of the work of French and English artisans, this white glass bottle of nearly 2 KG has a metal base screen printed with the motto of vodka Squadron 303 Vodka 'Originally Distilled in England by Polish Heroes' and a chromed brass displaying the brand's coat of arms.

The Original Flask has distinguished itself in the most prestigious international spirits competitions and has won numerous awards, including a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco International Wine & Spirits Competition 2018, a Gold Medal and a Trophy at the International Wine & Spirits 2018 London Competition and the Grand Prix Design of the Year at the British Glass Awards 2017...

Always enjoy Squadron 303 Vodka with moderation - Sale prohibited to minors.